based in Warsaw . Poland
28 years . architect . illustrator

I’ve recently turned 28 and I’m an architect from Poland. I graduated with a Master Degree in Architecture on Warsaw University of Technology, and started my own business after that. I work as an architect with my mum and husband, having participated in numerous architectural competitions, while working as a freelance illustrator. Recently I wanted to make my architectural part of work more serious so finally, after 2 months of intensive learning I passed the exam and obtained the unlimited building design license, so I can say I’m a grown-up architect now.

However, painting is my passion and I don’t want to give up it, so at the moment, I take commissions for paintings too.

I started drawing when I could hold the pencil, I was probably 1 year old. My mum is an architect, and at the time when I was a kid, all architectural drawing were made in hand. My mum had millions of professional drawing tools, that I could use freely. Thats because of her my adventure with drawing started very early. When I was 4 years old she let me color facade drawings and sometimes she showed them to actual clients. That made me very proud.

Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
// Which media do you use to express yourself?

I’ve chosen watercolor because it’s usually considered as one of the most demanding media. The technique I use doesn’t allow me to change the painting over and over. It’s harder comparing to painting with acrylics, when you can paint one more layer or pencil that you can erase. When I paint something once with watercolors, it stays that way. I’m thinking about expending my set of tools and starting using acrylics and digital tools, but at the moment I spend my whole time on my newest inspiration, so experiencing with the tools might come next.

I have two sets of White Nights watercolors, and I keep on buying new paints and refilling the empty spots in the boxes. I use mostly Renesans brushes, but I do own some Windsor & Newton brushes, but I don’t use them quite often, because I prefer ‘drawing’ with watercolors than painting stains with them. I use some cheap brushes in everyday work not to bother cutting and shaping them in a way that is convenient for me to use.

Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
// What is your biggest motivation to create? What inspires you?

Recently I found my new source of inspiration:  large modern cities. I feel so good while creating those large panoramas, and smaller views of cities with contemporary buildings, it's so refreshing for me, cause I was a little fed up with painting historical buildings over and over! I was looking for topic that can bring me pure happiness with painting and I found that in those views of modern cities.

I’m currently intensively searching for photos and places that I could as a reference for my new series of paintings.

Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
// What is your creative process like?

It depends of the subject, if it’s unreal I design the view, if it’s going to be a certain place I google it. First, of course, I look for the place I can paint, however when it’s a commissioned work that part is skipped, I just search for a photo with CC0 Licence that I could use as a reference. I plan the color scheme regarding of place and my mood. Then I start sketching. The sketch I use under watercolor painting is not so complicated like the watercolor, I skip a lot of details and add them later by drawing with paint and brush. I just must keep the good ratio between elements of the drawing, use proper perspective and that’s it. It’s usually just a 30 minutes simple sketch to keep the proportions and remember to paint all parts. I create it usually with 5H pencil, so it’s very light and I doesn’t blur it after the painting is done. Then, after sketch is ready, I set up my GoPro camera and record the whole process (I publish the result as a speedpainting on YouTube) and take some work in progress photos that I publish in Instagram and Facebook. When the painting is done, I scan it and publish on my Facebook, Deviantart and Society6 shop, when it’s not commisioned piece I add it to my BigCartel shop.

// What do you do in your daily routine to help maintain creativity?

I’m not only a watercolor painter, I work as an architect, so it’s easier to be in a mood for painting when you have a distraction. Painting it’s not my everyday routine, but only a part of my work. When I’m not in a mood for painting I just do something else. I get easily bored so I try to do a lot of different things and projects.

Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
// What are you favorite works or projects that you have done? What was the motive?

At the moment my most favorite project is the painting of large modern cities series. I tried it before but I had a lot of commissions for historical buildings, so I didn’t really have time for that new series. However, I got an interesting commission to paint a NYC panorama. That was a view from the window of the Lady who worked in NYC and then moved to another city, but she really liked the view and wanted to hang it in her new apartment. It was such a pure joy painting it, and it was very popular on my social media so I decided to continue the series. I also like my tropical plant series it something different from painting architecture. Now I simultaneously work on coloring book with my husband so wish me luck!

Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
// Have you had a decisive moment in your career? How did this influence your trajectory?

Well, I’m not sure if I had a moment like that. I was invited to the Radio and TV to talk about my works. I’ve chosen only Radio interview, cause I was on holiday when I was invited to TV. However the interview didn’t really change anything for my career, but it was an interesting experience for me. I’ve recently signed a deal with a large international furnishing company, and my prints will be sold all over the world since August 2017, but I should not tell more details until it will be officially published on their website.

Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
// Who are your influences, inspirations, or preferred artists? How do they reflect in your own work?

I’m usually inspired by places not artists. I like impressionism, but I try not to follow any particular contemporary artist because I want to keep my art fresh.

I of course follow design and architecture websites and their profiles on Facebook and Instagram and I go often to the cinema and theaters, watch many TV shows and popular videos to keep up with the current trends in culture, that’s really related to trends in art too.

Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
// Do you think there still exists a bias in relation to women's free expression? Do you feel this in your work?

In my area of expertise I don’t feel that way. I have absolutely none restrictions or I’m not treated by the others differently than men who design architecture or who paint with watercolors.

Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
// What makes you happy?

I’m happy when I spend time with my family and dogs. I’m also happy when I finish my painting or architectural design and I like the result, how it turned out. I really appreciate when I’m proud of my work, and after publishing people say they like it too, it’s really motivating.

Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria
// What tips could you give to other women to help them bring their creations into reality?

Just work hard and don’t let other people tell you what can or you can’t do.

// Do you have a new project in the works?

As I previously mentioned I have a lot of things that I do simultaneously. First one is the large modern cities series of paintings, the second one is an architectural coloring book that I do with my husband (we want to create it this Summer and start a Kickstarter campaign or search for a publishing company that is interesting in popularizing architecture and sketches), and of course I combine with it with my architectural designing so I can tell I’m a busy person right now.

Maja Wrońska por Projeto Curadoria